Camilo Antonio

out of the box - reflecting multiple choice and making sense of multiple voices

30 September 2018. A SWICH blog to honour UrbanNomadMixes participants in the Weltmuseum Wien exhibition Out of the Box. Written by Camilo Antonio, invited by Weltmuseum Wien.(read more)

Evelyne Toussaint

From assignment to agency

24 September 2018. From assignment to agency. Museums and postcolonial theories. Blog article by Evelyne Toussaint, invited by Mucem, Marseille.(read more)

Xavier Roigé

Museums for intercultural dialogue

29 August 2018. Museums for intercultural dialogue. New strategies in ethnographic museums. Blog article by Xavier Roigé (University of Barcelona), invited by the Barcelona Ethnological and World Cultures Museum. (read more)

Cristina Balma-Tivola

Short Notes on the Ways of Seeing the Ethnographic Object

8 August 2018. Blog article by Cristina Balma-Tivola, invited by the Museum of Civilizations in Rome. For this blog article, Cristina Balma-Tivola reflects on the SWICH exhibition “The Making of a Point of View” at the Museum of Civilizations in Rome.(read more)

Lucie Hazelgrove-Planel

Heritage Matters

26 July 2018. Blog article by Lucie Hazelgrove-Planel on the project Heritage Matters, invited by MAA - Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology Cambridge. (read more)