Digital Futures

19-20 September 2016, Museum of World Culture, Gothenburg (SE). This workshop discussed digital futures using global perspectives and experiences, also bringing together digital experts and museum practitioners sharing knowledge from their different fields of work.

Technology is having an enormous influence on our daily lives. This of course includes the world of museums where the digital also affects everything from how we engage with audiences to how we can facilitate greater access to collections worldwide. The possibilities and challenges to become digital contact zones are great.

This workshop discussed digital futures using global perspectives and experiences, also bringing together digital experts and museum practitioners sharing knowledge from their fields of work, focusing on three themes:

Digital Contact Zones

How can digitized museum collections grow into contact zones, bringing objects and people together? What new possibilities do this offer museum? We explored examples of collaboration and how sharing is caring.

Matter Matters

What can open access to collections bring beyond borders? What ethical dilemmas are to be considered when looking at digitization of collections? From an ethical standpoint, how much content development or interpretation is necessary before going on-line? Is open access perhaps not always a good idea?

Generation Z (and Ȃ, Ä, Ö)

Coming generations are born with a digital DNA. What are their desires and behaviors? What challenges and opportunities do these next generation museum users bring us? We look at examples of how to produce meaningful digital content for young.



Monday, September 19, 2016

9.00 Registration
9.30 Welcome
9.45 Sofia Svanteson, Ocean Observations
10.45 Merete Sanderhoff, Statens Museum for Kunst - see slides of presentation HERE
11.30 Fredrika Lagergren Wahlin, Applied IT

13.15 Introduction, Michel Lee, SWICH coordinator at the National Museums of World Culture in Sweden
13.30 The SWICH network share best (and maybe also worst) practice. 10 min presentations based on one of the themes of the workshop.
SWICH Speakers: Liza Swaving (NMvW, Leiden, NL), Mandana Roozpeikar (WMW, Vienna, AT), Dr. Cunera Buijs (NMvW, Leiden, NL), Jocelyne Dudding (maa, Cambridge, UK), Sarah-Jane Harknett (maa, Cambridge, UK), Chris Wingfield (maa, Cambridge, UK), Ema Lukan (SEM, Ljubljana, SI)
15.30 Tour of "Together" with Lena Stammarnäs (exhibition producer) and Margareta Persson (educational officer): Together is an exhibition at the Museum of World Culture about how both wonderful and difficult it is to be with others, for the target audience children with adults.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016
9.00 Danny Birchall, Wellcome Collection –Matter Matters
9.30 Group discussion
10.00 Aaila Walker, SMACK –Generation Z (and Å, Ä, Ö) - download e-report HERE
10.45 Dr.Temi Odumosu, Malmö University – Digital Contact Zones
11.15 Workshop – Google cardboard glasses
11.45 Dr.Björn Sjöblom, National Museum of Science and Technology – Let´s play

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About the keynote speakers

Sofia Svanteson

Founder of design agency Ocean Observations. Entrepreneur and design strategist, with a background in human computer interaction. Helps organisations to develop new services and businesses, based on insights about peoples’ needs and behaviors. Believes in the possibilities of changing the world to the better, through digitalization.

Merete Sanderhoff

Curator and senior advisor of digital museum practice, Statens Museum for Kunst. Open access to digitized cultural heritage, creative re-use and user involvement. Passionate about the potentials of web and digital media in making art more accessible and exciting for users.

Fredrika Wagergren Wahlin

Head of department Applied IT, University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology. The department offers education and carries out research within the areas informatics, interaction design, learning, communication, cognitive science and visualization in close collaboration with industry and public sector.

Danny Birchal

Responsible for the strategic digital presence of Wellcome Collection including web, social media, games and commissions.

Aalia Walker

Aalia Walker heads strategy and marketing at SMACK -award-winning creative agency in London, dedicated to finding a better way to do digital.

Dr.Temi Odumosu

Working in the spaces between archives, memory and the creative imagination, she is currently experimenting with augmented reality (AR) as a tool for public engagement with Black representation and colonial histories, through her research for the Living Archives project at Malmö University in Sweden

Dr.Björn Sjöblom

In the project Datorspelensvärldar, hosted by The National Museum of Science and Technology, Björn has explored interaction in various gaming video genres, for example ”Let’s play” and e-sport.