Final Meeting

Multiple Voices of a Colonised World

SWICH Closing Meeting/Conference at Weltmuseum Wien, 6 & 7 September 2018. The SWICH closing meeting was organised in the form of a conference, it invited critical engagement with the questions of the present and future roles of ethnographic museums within a changing Europe. (read more)

Conference, maa Cambridge

Exhibiting Cultures, Exhibiting Empire, Exhibiting Europe

SWICH Conference, July 2018, organized by maa Cambridge. Presentations and panel discussions explored recent examples of how museums of world culture are tackling legacies of empire and colonialism and issues of belonging.(read more)

Conference, RCMC Leiden

Museums, Citizenship and Belonging in a Changing Europe

SWICH Mid-term Conference, November 23-25, 2016
Research Center for Material Culture, Leiden (Museum Volkenkunde) (read more)