Artist in Residence WMW Vienna

Rajkamal Kahlon

In January and February 2016 the artist Rajkamal Kahlon stayed as artist in residence at Weltmuseum Wien. In autumn 2017 she came back to Vienna for a second time and realized an exhibition based on her research at the museum. (read more)


H.H. Lim

Museo delle Civiltà – Museo Preistorico Etnografico “L. Pigorini” invited H. H. Lim to be artist in residence at the museum.(read more)


Bianca Baldi - Residency

Bianca Baldi stayed as SWICH artist in residence at the Slovene Ethnographic Museum. Her residency was split up in two phases: The first phase started on 11 April 2016 and ended on 11 May 2016. The second phase started in September 2016 and lasted one month.
(read more)

Freddy Tsimba Mavambu / Eddy Ekete Mombesa

Artist in Residence at MRAC Tervuren

Within the frame of SWICH, the RMCA chose to host an artist or member of an originating community to contribute to the planning of the new permanent collections. The topic of the residency was “Le musée comme lieu de mémoire” (The museum (building) as a place of memory).(read more)

Creative Dialogue MuCEM Marseille

Lab Meeting Co-Creation Labs

February 25 - 26, 2016, at MuCEM in Marseille. In the lab meeting SWICH partner museums reflected on experiences around collaborations with artists. (read more)