Supporting programme to Out of the Box

Taking Part

For “Taking Part”, the photographer of the SWICH exhibition Out of the Box, Aleksandra Pawloff, invited visitors to join her and participate: after selecting their favourite objects from the exhibition, she portraited them and asked them about the object.
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Next Generation - Digital Contact Zone

Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Ljubljana. 19 – 21 March 2018. This transdisciplinary workshop explored ways to use digital media to involve a young audience as special target group of museums of ethnography and world cultures.(read more)


Reactivate! Objects and Identities

Reactivate! Objects and Identities is an exhibition project that put a new context to museum collections and exhibitions through self-ascribed identities. (read more)


The Making of a Point of View

On 23 February 2017, the Museo delle Civiltà – Museo preistorico etnografico “L. Pigorini” inaugurated the collaborative exhibition “The Making of a Point of View. Spotlights on the Indonesian and Malaysian collections”. (read more)


Afterlives of Slavery

In Afterlives of Slavery visitors are confronted with today’s legacies of slavery and colonialism in the Netherlands. Semi-permanent from October 6th, 2017 at Tropenmuseum Amsterdam.(read more)