Afterlives of Slavery

In Afterlives of Slavery visitors are confronted with today’s legacies of slavery and colonialism in the Netherlands. Semi-permanent from October 6th, 2017 at Tropenmuseum Amsterdam.(read more)


Africa and Slovenia - A web of people and objects

From November 30, 2017 to March 31, 2018 the exhibition "Africa and Slovenia - A web of people and objects" is on display at Slovene Ethnographic Museum Ljubljana (read more)


Do we still need objects?

In November 2017 the Museu Etnològic de Barcelona/Museu de Cultures del Món de Barcelona hosted the workshop "Do we still need objects"? The participants discussed the relevance of objects in contemporary museums, where storytelling, discourse, digital media and to new pedagogical services become increasingly important.(read more)


Historic Collections, Contemporary Lives

On March 27 and March 28 maa - Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology Cambridge gathered a group of experts to discuss contemporary engagement with historic collections. (read more)

Collaborative Exhibition Rome

Narrazioni da Museo a Museo

Starting in April 2016, Pigorini Museum in Rome launched ongoing activities aimed at the engagement of local communities for the SWICH collaborative exhibition. The project staff designed different activities to extend the participation to a wider audience, with particular regard to groups of high school students and migrant teenagers.(read more)