Primrose Ntumba

AfricaTube and Digital Contact Zones

18 May 2018. Blog article by Primrose Ntumba, invited by The Royal Museum for Central Africa Tervuren. For this blog article, Primrose Ntumba reflects on the SWICH Workshop in Ljubljana (19-21 March 2018) where she presented the project AfricaTube for The Royal Museum for Central Africa Tervuren together with Elke van Hoye. (read more)

Simone Zeefuik

Breaking Towards Repair

9 May 2018. Breaking Towards Repair. A blog post by guest author Simone Zeefuik, invited by the Research Center for Material Culture, Leiden (NL).(read more)

Catherine Smith

Collaborative research and Māori textiles

March 2018. Collaborative research and Māori textiles: bringing knowledge back to source communities. Blog post by guest author Dr. Catherine Smith, invited by the Museum of Ethnography/National Museums of World Culture in Stockholm/Sweden.

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Hodan Warsame

The World Museum

February 5, 2018. Blog article by guest author Hodan Warsame, invited by the Research Center for Material Culture (NL).

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Erna Lilje

Pacific Presences: Current research into Oceanic art and European museums

September 2017. In this blog entry, Erna Lilje presents the cross-disciplinary approach of the project Pacific Presences. She describes how in this project ethnographic museums re-imagine what they do and for whom.(read more)