For SWICH - Sharing a World of Inclusion, Creativity and Heritage, ten European partner museums reflect current issues concerning the role of ethnographic museums within an increasingly differentiated European society.

The focus of this EU-cooperation project, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme, lies on central concerns of visionary ethnographic museum practice within the context of a post-migrant society.

In a series of conferences, workshops, residencies and cooperative exhibition formats the museums work on strategies for a future-oriented museum practice.

6 & 7 September 2018, Vienna

Multiple Voices of a Colonised World


Linden-Museum Stuttgart produced a publication on the SWICH residencies

Out of the Box

Current SWICH exhibition at Weltmuseum Wien


Short Notes on the Ways of Seeing the Ethnographic Object
By Cristina Balma-Tivola

Cultural Heritage

Publication for the European Year of Cultural Heritage features SWICH as one of 15 outstanding projects.